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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pirq?

Pirq is all about quality perks, in real time. It's a smart phone application, providing consumers with real-time access to a variety of offers from various establishments including retail, health & beauty and dining. At the same time, we enable businesses to drive revenue by optimizing both off-peak and peak hours to maximize gross profits and build brand loyalty.

Why is it different than the "daily deals"?

Pirq is the antidote to the maze and craze of "daily deals": no payment up front, no wasted coupons, and no "random" deals that don't make sense. The offers are consistent: typically 20-50% off from select businesses. Pirq is for smart phone owners and their busy lives.

How does the Pirq app work?

It's simple. After downloading the app, a Pirq person finds and commits to a Pirq offer based on their location and time of the day, redeems the offer by scanning the Microsoft TAG posted in the business, and gets "Pirq'd Up" when they receive the relevant discount.

How does the Pirq location feature work?

By delivering valuable options where and when people need them. Every smart phone has a GPS locator, which is used to search for your real-time coordinates (where you are on the Earth). Pirq lets people discover the offers where they are or where they're headed, and enables businesses to fill open seats by guiding people to businesses near their location.

Why only use smart phones for Pirq?

Paper is old school. Smart phones are new school cool. Consumers want quick, important info on their mobile devices rather than their desktops. Nationwide, more than half of mobile phone users (and higher in Pirq's service areas) will have smart phones by the end of 2011. Pirq does away with passe, paper-based technology and delivers value through the mobile device people carry with them all the time. In addition, Pirq prevents all the coupon fraud by going paperless, which is a big concern for local businesses.

Why are Pirq offers... better for everyone?

For consumers, not only are these pre-filtered, quality offers, they're also easier to "deal with." Unlike 'traditional' coupon services, Pirq doesn't make consumers wait for "approval", pay up front, nor print and remember a coupon. Consumers just use their smart phones on the spot.

For vendors, customers pay the business, which then pays Pirq. Businesses pay for performance, so the Pirq program can be done regularly and often. Pirq helps create a stronger relationship between the customer and the business directly.

Why does Pirq make good business sense?

Pirq solves the problem of promotions only redeemed during peak business hours, so quality establishments don't suffer from too many "deal" redemptions during times they already bring in money. Pirq works on a model that helps businesses, which means the quality businesses will continue to participate and consumers will get consistent offers for a long time to come.

Where is Pirq available?

Pirq Malaysia has Klang Valley as its first launch market.

What is Pirq's business model?

A business model similar to what's worked for hotels and airlines for years. Pirq matches consumers with businesses when it works for both. Each time a Pirq customer walks into the business, the business makes money, and Pirq is paid per customer transaction (not a large percentage of the actual business transaction in a group buying daily deal).

Our business relationships with vendors are trusted and long-standing, based on special employee programs developed for Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and Apple.

What is the role of Microsoft TAG?

Microsoft trusted us to introduce TAG in a retail and restaurant context. Pirq integrated the Microsoft TAG into its application to authenticate and verify each Pirq offer on the spot, bridging our digital and physical worlds with an even more relevant way than typical QR codes.

The partnership between Microsoft and Pirq is a result of the enduring employee perks and benefit programs Passport Unlimited has provided for Microsoft (Microsoft Prime Card).

Who are the people behind Pirq?

The founding team for Pirq is same team that successfully built Passport Unlimited, a company with a 25-year track record of providing upscale perks to more than 800,000 Fortune 500 professionals through corporate benefit programs, and GeoPage, a proven location-based platform company that built a proprietary interactive Web and mobile platform to handle millions of real-time location and hyperlocal data points.

Where did Pirq get its name?

Quality Perks In Real-time (perks and percolating), but we always start with the Perks.

When was Pirq founded and launched?

Pirq was founded in February 2011 and launched June 2011. Pirq Malaysia launched its service October 2012.